Flymotion, the sports fan engagement company

Flymotion - The Fan Engagement Company

Flymotion supply a variety of experiential / promotional sports activation equipment, providing a unique range of hi-tech fan engagement activities

Flymotion supply The Dribblestar Challenge

Dribble Star Challenge

The Dribble Star Challenge is a computer assisted time trial around a 12m track, designed to test your dribbling skills in a range of sports

Flymotion's Kick-Point Penalty Shoot-out Challenge

Kick-Point Challenge

A hi-tech penalty shootout game which uses infra-red sensors built into the goal frame to identify where the ball enters the goal

Flymotion's RoboKeeper Penalty Shoot-out Challenge


The fastest keeper in the world - even professional footballers such as Messi & Neymar have had to experience how hard it is to score against the RoboKeeper!

Sppedkick - Mesaure your fastest penalty shot

Speed Kick Foto

This unique hi-tech system films each player as they take three shots and provides them with a photo certificate of their fastest shot

4 way and mono bungee trampolines

Bungee Trampolines

We supply 4-in-1 and mono bungee trampolines that allow participants to jump up to 7 metres in the air

Flymotion supply FootPool tables across the UK


6 pockets, 10 balls - 4 yellows, 4 reds, 1 black and 1 cue ball. The cue is your foot and the aim is to pot all of one colour then the black to win

turbo paddlers, water boats powered by kiddie power

Turbo Paddlers

Kids simply crank the handles to turn the paddle wheels and off they go - forwards, backwards or 360 degrees around!

walk on water with Flymotion's giant inflatable bubbles

Water Walkers

The latest craze - there are no age limits restricting who can enjoy endless amounts of fun in these giant balls in which you can literally walk on water


Flymotion Events are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of experiential / promotional sports activation equipment providing a unique range of hi-tech fan engagement activities.

Covering the whole of the UK, Flymotion can provide a bespoke solution for your fanzone, roadshow, family fun day or promotional activity. With a range of hugely engaging products we can provide services to cover football, rugby, running, hockey, basketball and wheelchair sports.

Flymotion also provide bespoke activities to a number of the UK’s leading visitor attractions and Holiday Parks including Bungee Trampolines, Waterwalkers, Turbo Paddlers and the Kick-Point Challenge.

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Dribble Star is a unique hi-tech challenge based around a 12m long obstacle course. Sensors time players over each section of the track, recording reaction time, sprint time, agility time, slalom time & total course time. Dribble Star can be adapted for use for football, rugby, basketball, hockey, sprinting and wheelchair sports.



Kick-Point is a hi-tech penalty shootout game which uses infra-red sensors built into the goal frame to identify where the ball enters the goal and calculate the speed of the shot. The display screen shows the player and the audience what section of the goal the ball should be aimed at. The graphics which the player must shoot down can consist of numbers, images or logos.

Robo Keeper


This goalkeeper will amaze you. No matter how fast you shoot and how well you aim, the RoboKeeper will save almost every shot. This isn’t luck or magic, it’s cutting edge technology that makes this goalie the fastest in the world.

speed kick and speed kick foto


This hi-tech system films each player as they take three shots. The system rewinds the video to the exact point that the player connects with their fastest shot, takes a screen shot and then prints out a branded A6 photo certificate of the player hitting their fastest shot.

bungee trampolines


Jump up to 7 metres into the air off a trampoline, looking down on the crowd from over 2 storeys up. Using multiple bungee cords the traditional trampoline is superboosted to allow a gravity defying ride giving all the adrenaline of bungee jumping without the risks.

foot pool


A combination of football & pool designed to combine the skills required for each game. The playing surface consists of a 12ft by 8ft platform with 4 yellow balls, 4 red balls, a black ball and a white cueball. The game itself is similar to traditional pool only you are able to stand on the table and pot by kicking the cueball into the coloured balls.

turbo paddlers


Flymotion's Turbo Paddlers are small, injection moulded, plastic boats powered by kiddie power! Designed to be lightweight and maintenance free, the occupant is required to turn the paddles to move and turn. Turbo Paddlers are ideal for concession operations at a visitor attraction or as a leisure activity at a Holiday Park.

water walkers


Flymotion supply some of the biggest names in the UK leisure industry with Water Walker balls and our own unique design of pool the ‘Bubble Dome’, designed and refined over several years through knowledge attained while operating our own sites at some of the UK’s leading visitor attractions such as Alton Towers, Thorpe Park & Chessington World of Adventures.